Fear Grips Fans of Kwaw Kese After Announcing That He Has An Appointment With His Psychiatrist.


When Okomfour Kwadee started his marijuana lifestyle, friends and family cautioned him to be watchful else there will be doom but he failed to listen. Like play like play, Okomfour Kwadee became mentally sick along the line


Similarly, rapper Kwaw Kese virtually eats and drink marijuana but to him, it’s good for the human soul, therefore, there’s no way he’ll stop. It could be recalled that Kwaw was arrested in the name of marijuana but that experience couldn’t change kwaw.


So it’s not surprising that when Kwaw Kese on yesterday, October 25, 2018 announced on Twitter that he’s going to meet his psychiatrist for checkup, about 98% of his followers sensed danger for their artiste.


His tweet sparked outrage with fans asking if he has some mental issues with some advising him to reduce the intake of marijuana since his consumption of weed is just too much.


See how some of his fans reacted to the tweet from the screenshots below:


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