Mr Logic Details How Sarkodie Blocked Medikal From Dethroning Him


Dancehall promoter Mr. Logic has revealed Medikal could have rose to the rap throne if he had not settled in King Sark’s shadow.

The former technical director of artists including D’Voice, AK Songstress and more on Happy FM‘s Showbiz Xtra;

“Medikal could have moved Sark from the throne.” He told Dr Cann. “I’m not here to hit Sark.

So far nobody has been able to move the guy as if nobody can out rap him. Every artist comes and runs to hide under his shadow. Look at Medikal.

All the SHS students are following him. All the SHS students were fixated on him and he was touring heavily but when he went to collabo with Sark, I don’t see him as I used to see him. When Medikal put Sark on confirm, Sark killed it and Sark’s part of the rap was more than that of Medikal.

If Medikal had not featured Sarkodie, Sark could not have reduced his effect. If you are competing with whoever is leading, then you are joining the queue.



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